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Are you interested in getting married in Santorini? Then the first thing to look up is Santorini Wedding Venues. And this page is the perfect place to look! I have gathered the most beautiful wedding venues in Santorini.

The most popular and famous wedding venues in Santorini, are listed here with all the information you need to know. The prices depend on the number of guests attending, therefore please contact me for more information.

It is important to choose a wedding venue that is suitable for the size of your wedding. And to consider the weather of the month you will be getting married. Will it be rainy? Will it be hot?

This is the role of your Santorini wedding planner. I am locally based therefore I can advise you and help you choose the best wedding venue for your wedding.

Some of the venues you will find here are St. Irene, El Viento, Le Ciel, and many more! All of them are licensed and they meet all the requirements for a beautiful experience.

Please keep in mind that Santorini is a small island so the distances are not long at all. Therefore, yes you can keep your wedding ceremony and reception in one place but if you choose to keep them in separately, the distance will be short.

Please contact me to discuss what your options are for an unforgettable wedding in Santorini!

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