Policy and Terms of booking

Cancellation Policy, Cookies Policy & Terms of booking.

  1. If you are having a legal wedding, you need to follow the legal requirements per http://www.santoriniweddings.com/legal
  2. If you have any questions or if you find any issues in the process of getting your wedding documents, please don’t hesitate to ask me at annasantorini@gmail.com as with my experience and your cooperation, we will find a solution.
  3.  Please remember… these requirements are from the Greek government and not by me, therefore they might change so you have to contact me 3 months before the wedding to ask me if there is any change.
  4.  Please keep in mind the strict rules below for a perfect and hassle-free wedding:
  5.  I need the wedding documents 1 month before the wedding in my hands but before you post them to me, you must email me copies to make sure nothing is missing. Do not post anything before my approval.
  6.  The wedding documents cannot be dated older than 3 months from the day of your wedding date.
  7.  If you are a cruise ship traveler, you need to provide us a power of attorney that must be prepared by the Greek Embassy of your area. This document gives us the right to register for the wedding with the registry of Santorini, on your behalf. Please email me to send you the exact sample which you must use to prepare yours.
  8.  You must follow the instructions listed on my website and my instructions only. Do not listen to any other sources no matter what these sources are, as I am here, and they are out of the country, and they are not updated daily by our local authorities. Each part of Greece has different legal requirements. The information inside my pages is only for Santorini.
  9.  All documents that will be submitted to our authorities via me will be held for ever by our Peace of Justice so, please request new copies to send us if you need the old ones you have.
  10.  All Non-European countries couples, except USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and China/Hong Kong, need a document from their Embassy in Athens, saying you are free to marry, and that document needs to be authenticated by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Athens.
  11.  You must be in Santorini 1 (one) business day after your wedding to register for your wedding. If that is not possible, you must obtain a document that will give my agency the authority to register your wedding on your behalf and you must contact me to send you via email a sample of that document.
  12. You can translate your documents via the Greek Embassy in your area (no other independent source is acceptable) or via my office and I will send them to the proper authority here and the cost is 300 euro for the translation of the following documents: English documents, apostille stamps and the copies of yours and witness’s passports. If you book the translation of your documents via my agency, please let me know to book an appointment with the proper authority asap as they have an extensive line.
  13. Please note that my wedding planning fees are not included in the packages and depend on the wedding venue you choose. For example, for Le Ciel, Santorini Gem and Santorini Princess, my fees start from 1000 euros.
  14. In case my office handles your decoration, there is a fee (in addition to the fees of my physical presence if you choose to have me all night present) depending the volume of the decoration and please note that you must bring the decoration items with you and make sure that will be assembled and ready for use. The time we will ask must be respected and no other person which is not related to my office or the venue must be present so our work will not be interfered and will be delivered as agreed.  Also, we cannot use a ladder so all decoration must be to our height and not need to reach high. A representative at the ceremony venue is offered in most of the wedding packages. 
  15. My physical presence is not offered in any of my packages. An appointment can be arranged if requested 8 months before the wedding date.
  16. Upon your arrival, you will meet directly with the manager of the reception venue you have booked. My office is not responsible for this meeting or the arrangements you will make upon this appointment. In case you have provided us with a seating plan and that changes, you must inform me.
  17. I kindly remind you that all given costs do not include taxes 24%. The taxes will be added to your final balance.
  18. If you wish to have my office handle the decoration with items you will bring, please bring the decoration items with you, and make sure they are assembled and ready for use. I will need a typed list that will have the photo of the item and next to it, instructions of placement. We do not accept decorations from other sources. You are free to hire them but they will be solemnly responsible for their services.
  19. Any extra bookings must be final 2 months before the wedding and cannot be canceled.
  20. The deposit for booking your wedding date and venue is nonrefundable in all cases and only the couple can change the status of the wedding.
  21.  The packages and prices offered do not include taxes 24% and those will be added to the final bill. In case of a tax increase, the taxes will be charged according to the rate they will be on your payment day. In case the taxes will be offered as part of a special offer, the agency reserves the right to change this if the Department of Finance changes the applied law. 
  22. ​You can move your wedding date once within the same year with no charge with the officiant and the venue. If you wish to change your wedding date to next year, there is a fee starting from 500 euros (+24% taxes) depending on your bookings.
  23. For any services not booked via me, the vendor must be able to provide Greek tax invoice (timologio) and to be insured.
  24. ​The final payment must be made 1 month before the wedding at the latest unless agreed otherwise via email.
  25. ​In case of a change of prices to the packages and venues costs by the venues, you have to comply with their rates that will apply on your wedding date.
  26. My office is not responsible for any bookings not arranged via me, but I need to have knowledge.
  27. ​Credit card & PayPal & Bank payments have a 5% fee on top of your payment.
  28. Time can change with a deviation of an hour because the celebrant is a government employee and unexpected issues might arise but 99% of the time, the time remains as agreed.
  29. All bookings are final, and deposits are non-refundable. In case of my death or natural disaster, or pandemic or war, the wedding will be held to the next possible date within 12 months.
  30. All bookings made via my office will be arranged and communicated solemnly by me to avoid confusion between the vendors, the clients and me so I can offer exactly what the client desires.
  31. Working email hours, 9am to 5pm Greek time. Due to the nature of my work, we must be out most of the day, therefore all calls, video conferences, and meetings in person will be done only upon appointment. All emails will be answered to the received order.
  32. Vendors booked by your wedding planner can be contacted only via your wedding planner.
  33. Acceptance and approval via email equal to an electronic signature of the mentioned agreed-on details.
  34. You must answer my emails at the latest within 3 days for the smooth planning of the wedding, and I must have immediate contact with you on the wedding day, otherwise, my office has the right to quit my services and the planning of your wedding. On my end, replies may be delayed due to the volume of work but emails that I evaluate need an urgent reply will be answered within 24 hours.
  35. If you will not reply within 15 days of my last email, the wedding/event/services are automatically canceled.
  36. As an adult, you are solemnly responsible and obligated to read our policy. 
  37. All the terms of booking and cancellation of our company have been decided according to the vendors policies and our government laws. By signing the invoice contract, you agree to comply with all the terms mentioned on this page.
    The information in our emails is confidential and is intended solely for the addressee(s). And any disclosure, copying, distribution, or use of them or their contents is prohibited.
    Internet communications are not secure and therefore Mrs. Anna Vafeiadou does not accept legal responsibility for the contents of this message and for any damage whatsoever that is caused by viruses being passed.

Cancellation Policy defines the conditions to use my services and is as follows:

1. The deposit for booking your wedding date and venue is non-refundable in all cases. In case you have fewer guests than originally agreed, you still need to pay the full cost. If you have a group wedding booked and you wish to change to a small wedding of 2 to 14 people, the original booking will be cancelled, the deposits will be non-refundable, and you will have to book all over again.

2. The packages and prices offered do not include taxes 24% and those will be added to the final bill. In case of a tax increase, the taxes will be charged according to the rate they will be on your payment day. 

3. You can move your wedding date once to a future date.

4. For any services not booked via me, the vendor must be able to provide Greek tax invoice (timologio) and to be insured.

5. Final payment must be done the latest 10 business days before the wedding unless you are canceling your wedding and, in this case, you must comply with #11.

6. My fees are not included in the packages and those vary depending on the wedding venue you choose.

7. In case of a change of prices to the packages and venues costs by the venues, we will have to comply with their rates that apply on your wedding date.

8. My office is not responsible for any bookings not arranged via me.

9. Credit card & PayPal & Bank payments have a 5% fee on top of your payment.

10. If you wish to downgrade your package, it is not possible as all bookings are final.

11. If you cancel 9 months before your wedding, full payment for your booked wedding services needs to be provided upon cancellation.

12. If you will not reply within 15 days of my last email, the wedding/event/services are automatically cancelled.

13. Failure to comply with any of the above gives my office the right to quit my services and the planning of your wedding and to take any legal action required to protect my business’s interest as agreed upon booking. 


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