Theros Wave Bar in Vlychada beach, Santorini offers beautiful scenery to have a wedding ceremony and reception for the most special day of your life. This wedding venue will accept your ceremony if you will also keep your reception there as well and of course on a private basis. It is 10 km from Fira.

Theros wave bar operates as a beach bar during the day so wedding ceremonies and receptions can be held only on a private basis during the night according to the month. See the monthly time schedule: May 7 pm, June 8 pm, July 9 pm, September (after 10th) 8 pm, October 6 pm. No weddings are held from 1st of August until 10th of September. For over 50 guests you need a catering service.

Location: Vlychada beach  – Capacity: Up to 200

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