Santorini Wedding Makeup Artist

Santorini Wedding Makeup

Santorini Wedding Makeup Artist

The first question usually a bride asks is “how much a Santorini wedding makeup artist costs?” While the right question is “do you know a good makeup artist that will last my makeup all night?”

Each and every woman is beautiful! We have the differences that make us unique and on our wedding day we want to show the best of us! My make up artist is a certified M.A.C. expert and she loves working exclusively with bridal parties. A Santorini wedding makeup artist has different skills and expertise than a regular makeup artist. Below you will find a very small sample of my makeup artist’s work. She can work with any photo you will provide her. Please note that you need to let me know in case you wish to have false lashes or anything extra to inform the artist beforehand. The makeup artist will come to your hotel room and she and her team can accommodate the bride and any guests if they decide to have their makeup done as well.

The key to a good makeup artist is to use branded and skin friendly products that will last all day and night. And of course to make you picture perfect so your face will not shine in the pictures. Please see samples of her work below. For any information, please contact me at

Please email for more information, rates and how to book at


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