Santorini Wedding Transportation

The transportation on the day of your wedding in Santorini is the most important service to book. Many things depend on that service. The most important thing that depends on it, is that the wedding must be on time. With no delays at all! Santorini is the only place on earth that the bride cannot delay as the tradition calls it in other places. Because there is a wedding every 30 minutes in various places on the island. And the officiant that will marry you and is a government employee, he cannot be delayed. Just think of the next bride…

Good to know

It is easier to win the lottery than to find a taxi in Santorini due to the fact that we have 35 taxis to accommodate an average of 5000 people daily arriving with a cruise, flight, or ferry! In the unlikely case, you will find one available, they will tell you 10 minutes and they will likely come with a delay as they try to accommodate all but for a wedding, you need transportation on time!!! Therefore I suggest booking a private coach that will pick up your guests from their hotels or from the closest reachable pickup point.

My advise

I strongly advise you to book this service via the Santorini wedding planner of your choice…why? Well, have you heard the old saying “cheap costs more?” At my last wedding in Santorini, I had a wedding with a bride that chose to handle the wedding transportation herself as she has found it cheaper. 12 guests were late so the officiant left for the next wedding and came an hour later thank God he could do that this time!

Also, she didn’t arrange the return so at 1 am that they had to depart the reception venue due to the strict government laws that allow them to be open till 1 am, the guests were waiting till 3.15 am to get taxis!!! It ruined the whole thing!  In another case, transportation had no air-conditioning at all and was late again! And I could go on and on… I believe that you understand the importance of booking your transportation as soon as possible and why you need to let your wedding planner be responsible for something of such crucial importance. 

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