Santorini Wedding Musicians

If you wish your wedding in Santorini to be special and unforgettable, then you must have Santorini wedding musicians. All the wedding musicians below are amazing and masters to their kind. Please see all the Santorini wedding musicians below and please don’t hesitate to contact me for hiring the wedding musician you prefer the most.

Vassalos Brothers

Nikos & Averkios Vassalos come from a family with long history in traditional music. They learned to play before the learned to speak. Their father was a living legend on the island. He was the music instructor to most of the musicians on this island! To those wedding packages that I am offering live musicians, the Vassalos brothers will be playing to your wedding ceremony. They will play soft jolly Greek wedding music before and after the ceremony. While you will be taking photos they will keep a pleasant and joyful company to your guests. 99% of the times, the guests end up dancing! If you are looking for the Traditional Greek touch to your wedding, you need them!

Michalis Karamolegos

I adore Michalis Karamolegos! He is a performer and a wedding singer in Santorini since 2004 and one of the best I have personally heard! He has been booked by numerous weddings and five star hotels to perform for their guests. Also he played in virtually every big live venue in Santorini. Since 2008 he has also been booked to perform overseas in U.K, the Netherlands and Sweden. Michalis performs alone using a drum machine and a looper. That enables him to sound like a whole band as opposed to playing with only one guitar. His playlist covers a wide range of genres and time periods and can be further customized to meet your needs.

Kosmas Pafitis

Kosmas Pafitis was born in Athens in 1975. Having the sensation of music from a very early age, he started dealing with music at the age of five and his first musical instrument was the violin. Meanwhile, at the age of seven, he started his studies in the classic piano and after a short time later he continued his studies in drums, guitar and voice lessons (singing, performing). In 2011, having succeeded in the exams for the acquisition of the Music Diploma in the Advanced Theory of Music (fugue, counterpoint), he becomes the Artistic Director of the branch of the National Conservatory of Preveza. Ιn 2017 he founded the Ionian Music School of Preveza, where he provides all the variety of teaching of musical instruments, voice and theoretical lessons for any age, level or style. At the same time with his musical studies, he started to work and he continues until now, as a musician, offering a wide range of repertoire in restaurants, bars, hotel events and weddings throughout Greece (Corfu - Lefkada - Igoumenitsa - Ioannina -Athens - Preveza - Amfissa etc). Today he is active in the islands of the Ionian Sea and Cyclades, and he mainly based in Santorini, as a musician in hotel establishments and in marriages – events.

Christos Aggouridakis

Christos is a very talented Saxophonist that every time he plays, along with the notes, you can hear the love and romance everywhere! He plays in weddings and events with solo saxophone and depending on your needs and expectations you can choose between tenor, alto or soprano saxophone . Furthermore, he cooperate with Djs , musicians and small music bands to cover your needs.He offers romantic moments at sunset with smooth jazz melodies, or will challenge the couple to escape from the ordinary, dancing in pop , soul and funk rhythms. He also organizes the playlist of the wedding according to the will of the couple or the couple could choose the songs from his own playlist.

Raphael Sigalas

Raphael is a pianist and graduate of the National Conservatory. Guided by his passion for music, he initiated his career as a musician at luxurious 5-star hotels. Motivated by his audience, he expanded his work. He offer his talent at wedding receptions and wedding proposals, private dinners, and parties offering sophisticated and elegant moments to couples who would love to accompany their special moments with melodies of a piano. His repertoire mainly consists of a wide variety of songs such as classical, jazz, modern, pop, rock and love ballads. It may also be customized according to his clients' preferences. Raphael is a very talented pianist and we are lucky to have him!


Fatima is a fairy harpist! Elegant, romantic, classy is only a few words that come to my mind when I hear Fatima playing her harp! She played in many weddings and other events in Santorini the last years and couples where taken away by her performance!

Bejeezus Band

Bejeezus is one of the most well know bands in the destination wedding circuit of Greece. They're based in Athens but they have traveled all around Greece playing in wedding parties from Santorini, Mykonos and Tinos to Chakidiki, Crete and Lefkada. Their style is a unique blend of well known pop, swing, latin and rock n roll hits, covered in their own fun special way, sure to make everybody dance and sing with them. The use of the trombone also gives its own spicy twist in all the songs. The song list varies from 70’s disco up to recent radio hits aimed to please every possible taste. If you want a fun live party as part of your special day, Bejeezus is the band for you!

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