Santorini Wedding Photographer & Filmmaker/Videographer

A Santorini wedding photographer and a Santorini Wedding videographer is an essential touch for your wedding day. Why? Well, besides that you will be getting married to the most romantic Greek island, you will be dazzled on your wedding day, that you will not remember much the next.

It is also very important that they are based in Santorini. Because it is important that the photographer and the videographer know the light, the times, and the lenses that need to be used in such a demanding wedding venue as Santorini. Being here just a couple of days before is not enough to know how to set your equipment. And editing doesn’t save the day for professionals that haven’t been here before.

And I am working only with the best team and that is @SantoriniFilms


I believe you shouldn’t have to worry about missing any special moments from your perfect day. In @SantoriniFilms, they capture your unique moments worth remembering.

You will have top-quality storytelling that will truly stand the test of time. We all care about your wedding and their team is ready to serve! Your investment in a wedding film crafted to reflect the uniqueness of your day will something you will always cherish.

The atmosphere that is filled with so much love from everybody has to be framed and captured exactly like it was on that day. They will preserve the memory of your big day in the best way possible.

The result!

With over 10 years experience of in doing what they love, they have perfected their films to be cinematic and contemporary. They want you to be able to watch your wedding photos and wedding video proudly now, on your diamond anniversary, and every year in between. As such our films are cinematic, well-composed, and of the highest quality.

Both the photographer and the videographer will capture the best day of your life and it is important to book one, several months in advance as it is a very popular Santorini wedding service.

Santorini is a beautiful island and it is a huge scenery for breathtaking photos. Each and every corner of the island is an opportunity for your photo-taking! Whitewashed houses, beautiful churches with blue domes, pink voukamvilia almost everywhere, and the endless ocean hugging the volcano!

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Santorini Wedding Photographer & Videographer
Santorini Wedding Videographer



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