All my website’s pictures are copyright protected. The Santorini Wedding Photographer who took them is Vicky Roussos and she is the photographer included in my wedding packages. If you wish to have another photographer, the cost can be deducted from the wedding package so you can book another photographer. Below, you can find other photographers and Videographers I recommend, please click on their logo to contact them.

Santorini Wedding Filmaker/Videographer

Santorini Wedding Videographer
Santorini Wedding Videographer

Santorini Wedding Photographers






A Santorini wedding photographer is an essential touch for your wedding day. A photographer will capture the best day of your life and it is important to book one, months in advance as it is a very popular wedding service.

Before you book your photographer, I recommend asking him how long it takes before you get your wedding photographs. Some photographers deliver after months and some others deliver within 2-3 weeks.

Santorini is a beautiful island and it is a huge scenery for breathtaking photos. Each and every corner of the island is an opportunity for having your photo taking! Whitewashed houses, beautiful churches with blue domes, pink voukamvilias almost everywhere, and the endless ocean hugging the volcano!