Santorini Wedding Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a legal wedding and a symbolic wedding?

-Legal civil wedding: You will be legally married in Greece and your country.

-Symbolic wedding: You will not be legally married. This is ideal for couples that are already married or for couples that for various reasons do not wish to get involved with bureaucracy and they just want to have their ceremony.

-The actual ceremony is exactly the same in both cases! Your guests will not know if it will be a Symbolic or Legal as in both cases a certificate will be signed at the end of the ceremony.

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Can I get legally married in Santorini?

Yes, you can get legally married in Santorini if you will present all the required documents. You can see a full list of these documents at

In case your country is not listed, please email me for further information.

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What documentation do you need from me for having a Symbolic wedding ceremony? Do you need my marriage certificate?

For a Symbolic wedding ceremony, you do not need to present any documents at all.

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How much does a wedding in Santorini cost?

A wedding in Santorini starts from 500 euro and goes up, depending on the number of guests, venue, and your choices. You can see my wedding packages to get an idea at

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How long we have to be in Santorini before we get married?

-Symbolic wedding: there are no requirements on the matter. You can arrive and depart whenever you wish.

-Legal wedding: Please be here 2 business days before the wedding date and you must be here 2 business days after the wedding date. In case this is not possible, please contact me to find a solution.

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What are the best times on the day to get married?

It depends on the month and the wedding venue but the ultimate time to get married no matter which month or venue is 12 noon because the sun offers the best light for your photos and video for the breathtaking blue and white of Santorini and it is not hot. You see, the sunset might be different from month to month and not always offer you the best effect.

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What are the best months to get married?

-April, May, and October have a chance of rain.
-June, July, August, and September are rain-free.
-November to March is not recommended.

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Why choose you for our wedding planner?

-I am a local-based wedding planner since 1994. If I wasn’t good at it, I wouldn’t last that long.

-My prices are very affordable without cutting on the quality of the services. I don’t believe in paying a fortune to have a beautiful wedding in Santorini.

-I take each wedding personally as the reason I became a wedding planner was that my wedding was a disaster. You can read about it at

-I will always work for your best interest, which means that if I feel that I should advise otherwise on a matter, I will do it since you are not personally here to know a few facts. And then, of course, I will respect your decision but my duty is to inform you of what you need to know. For example, a couple wanted to get married on Kamari beach to experience the famous Santorini views and I have kindly explained to them that the famous views of the island are on the other side of the island. My point is that I will not just agree with everything you will be asking to get your money.

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My birth certificate is the short form, does it matter?

Yes. You really need to obtain a new long-form birth certificate that mentions both your parent’s names. This is a Greek law requirement.

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My birth certificate is handwritten, not typed. What to do?

In this case, I will need a simple typed document from your laptop that will accompany your handwritten birth certificate with all the information so the registrant can use it as a guide in order to read the original certificate correctly and avoid any errors. This simple document will not need an apostille stamp. The birth certificate requires an apostille stamp though (depending on your nationality).

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What documents do I need to get legally married in Santorini?

Since the requirements are not the same for all nationalities, please see the full list of the required documents for each country at

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What happens to my legal documents after the wedding?

All your documents will remain in Greece in order for the wedding to be legal. Therefore, in case you need your original documents, please apply for new certified copies to give to us so you can keep the originals.

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