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Santorini Wedding & Reception Venues

Santorini is famous for the breathtaking views and these are offered in all the wedding venues offered below. Santorini's wedding venues are like no other you have seen and that is what makes this island so unique!


I am presenting you below a list of different style wedding venues to choose the one it expresses you more. The cost of the venues is not included in the wedding packages and the cost depends on the number of guests you will have at your wedding. Please note that the decorations, chairs etc on the presentations below are not included in the cost of the venues and they are available upon request. You can also keep your ceremony at the hotel you will be staying but you will have to ask their permission first.


After your wedding ceremony, you will need a reception venue to host your party. Just the 2 of you or a group of guests, from traditional to luxury, whatever you have in mind, you will find it below among the reception venues I have listed. There is a solution for any taste and any size of a wedding. Even if it is the 2 of you, you can choose a restaurant from below and I will be happy to book you a table.


Please note that the Caldera side reception venues stop the music by 11 am and you need to end your event the latest by midnight. On the other side of the island, there is more flexibility.

Of course there are more wedding ceremony & reception venues in Santorini than the ones listed below but I am listing only the ones that I personally approve, trust and work with many years now!

Due to privacy reasons, not all photos below contain weddings, we added only the couples that gave us their permission.

St.Irene wedding venue is an intimate, affordable and romantic venue. It has the best photography spots on the island and although you will be in one place, in your photography it will look like you are in different parts of the island. Ideal for elopements & Marriage proposals. It is located less than 1 km from Pyrgos restaurant which makes an amazing combination for having the wedding ceremony at St.Irene and the reception at Pyrgos restaurant.

Location: 4km from Fira towards Pyrgos - Capacity: up to 50 guests

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Over 30 years hosts perfect events! This is the first ceremony & reception venue of Santorini with 5 different wedding Halls that can accommodate any number of guests at the highest part of Santorini, offering breathtaking views of the whole island. Perfection, professionalism, amazing food and late closing time makes it ideal for your wedding reception. It is located less than 1 km from St.Irene wedding venue and Santo winery wedding venue, which makes an amazing combination for having the wedding ceremony at St.Irene or Santo winery and the reception at Pyrgos restaurant.

Location: Pyrgos Medieval Village  - Capacity: 10 - 800 depending the Hall

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Le Ciel wedding venue is on the top level of the Santorini Caldera in Imerovigli. The view of Santorini, the volcano, and perhaps the most magical sunset in Greece. The wedding ceremony is held on the spectacular Caldera view terrace overlooking the Volcano and the Aegean Sea. The reception is held inside at the restaurant area that can cater for up to 150 seated guests and can be modified to meet your requirements so it will not look huge for smaller events.

Location: Imerovigli Village  - Capacity: up to 150 guests

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Santo Winery wedding venue is in the area of Pyrgos and it is located 5 km from the center of Fira, offering a Private Caldera Wedding venue that can accommodate any size of wedding or special event as it is a multi level wedding venue. Beautifully designed with the ocean in your feet!


This wedding venue is offered for keeping your wedding and reception at the same place. It is also ideal if you wish to have your ceremony at Santo and your reception at Pyrgos restaurant

Location: Pyrgos Caldera area  - Capacity: 2 - 200 depending the area

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Theros ceremony venue & reception venue

Theros Wave Bar in Vlychada beach, Santorini offers a beautiful scenery to have a wedding ceremony and reception for the most special day of your life. This wedding venue will accept your ceremony, if you will also keep your reception there as well and of course on a private basis. It is 10 km from Fira. 

Theros wave bar operates as a beach bar during the day so wedding ceremonies and receptions can be held only in private basis during the night according the month. See the monthly time schedule: May 7pm, June 8pm, July 9pm, September (after 10th) 8pm, October 6pm No weddings are held from 1st of August until 10th of September

Location: Vlychada beach  - Capacity: Up to 200

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Mario ceremony & reception venue

Mario Restaurant is a quiet place on the beach of Agia Paraskevi in Monolithos area, just 6 km from Fira. It is literally on the beach! Have your party by the water and let the sand get it to your feet while you are dancing under the moon!

With about 28 years of experience in events, a venue that can accommodate any size of a party, an enormous beach and a unique cuisine at a very reasonable and competitive prices, Mario Restaurant is perfect not only for a wedding but for any other kind of event you wish to organise in Santorini.Excellent cuisine that can satisfy the most demanding, beach on your feet and no time curfew too!

Location: Monolithos beach  - Capacity: any size of wedding group as it can isolate and offer privacy depending your needs.

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Santorini Gem ceremony & reception venue

Chic and contemporary, Gem  Wedding Venue is located at Pyrgos village on the highest point of Santorini. Its innovated cuisine and carefully selected dishes along with the hospitality and breathtaking views offers a truly unique Santorinean experience.


The high quality service along with the unique location of the restaurant on the highest point of the island with breathtaking views to Caldera & the famous Volcano will make one of the most memorable days of your life….

Location: Pyrgos village  - Capacity: 20-200

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La Maltese ceremony & reception venue

La Maltese Estate is a luxury Estate Caldera Private venue that is located in Imerovigli which is 5 km from Fira.


This wedding venue offers the option to keep your ceremony, reception and accommodation at the same place. This wedding venue is offered only if you will book their villa for a minimum of 3 days and keep your reception there as well but you can have just your reception without keeping your wedding ceremony there. Your event has to finish by 11 pm.

Location: Imerovigli  village  - Capacity: 20-200

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Profitis Elias ceremony venue

Profitis Elias is a typical blue dome chapel and it is located in Imerovigli.


This chapel is active and it has Orthodox services very often, therefore it is available only for noon ceremonies and it is not available for sunset ceremonies.


Please note that we cannot possible know if there will be a service until 3 days before the actual wedding day so I cannot confirm its availability sooner than this, in opposite with all the other wedding venues.

Location: Imerovigli  village  - Capacity: 2-50

El Viento ceremony & reception Venue


El Viento Villa Wedding Venue with unforgettable sunset wedding moments at Santorini’s caldera view overlooking the volcano and the Aegean sea.

El Viento is a new Santorini wedding venue. A beautiful place located at Megalochori settlement with magnificent panorama to the island.  El Viento hosts Wedding ceremonies, Proposal weddings, receptions, private and romantic dinners for two.




Location: Megalochori village  - Capacity: 60 seated - 100 standing

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