Santorini Wedding Bouquets

Below you will find a small sample of 58 different bouquets to choose from. A special “thank you” to my beautiful brides that shared their bouquets. If you like a bouquet but you wish to have it in other colors, it can be done. Or if you like a bouquet but you don’t like the greenery, it can be removed. So, don’t hesitate to tell me how you like you selected bouquet, as everything is possible. In case you will not find a bouquet that you like, you can always send me a photo of the bouquet of your choice and I will order it for you. The packages that have flowers for the ceremony table or the reception tables, will match the selection of your bridal bouquet, unless you specifically ask for different flowers.

Please note that for all flower arrangements, I need 1 month notice as the flowers do not grow in Santorini as we do not have water. All flowers are coming from mainland.

I have divided the bouquets in 2 groups, the season flowers that are included in my packages and the off season flowers that are specialty flowers coming in most cases from abroad and these are not included in my packages, you have to contact me for a price as each year the cost changes from the suppliers.

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