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Please follow the below strict rules for a perfect and hassle free wedding:


-You are solely responsible to read and follow the instructions and timelines as given below. Failure to follow all the below Greek government's legal requirements, will result to not be able to have a legal wedding but you can always switch to a Symbolic wedding.

-Please remember... these requirements are from the Greek government and not by me, therefore they might change so you have to contact me 3 months before the wedding to ask me if there is any change.

Documentation required for citizens of Lithuania

  • Gimimo liudijimas 

  • Pazyma apie seimine padeti 

  • Divorce if any

  • Change of name if any

  • Adoption certificate if any

  • Death certificate if any

  • All documents need an apostile stamp from:

Ministry of Justice

of the Republic of Lithuania

Gedimino Ave. 30

LT - 01104

tel.: +370 (5) 266 2940 / 266 2960

fax: +370 (5) 262 5940

e-mail: ttd@tm.lt 

Internet: www.tm.lt

  •  All documents need Greek translations. You can translate your documents via the Greek Embassy in Lithuania (no other independent source is acceptable) or via my office.

  • You also need a document from the Lithuanian Embassy in Greece stating you are free to marry. This document has to be issued by your Embassy in Greek and to be authenticated by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Athens.

Important Notes 

- You have to be in Santorini 1 (one) business day after your wedding to register your wedding. If that is not possible, you must obtain a document that will give my agency the authority to register your wedding on your behalf and you have to contact me to send you via email a sample of that document.

- I need the wedding documents 1 month before the wedding in my hands. Please email me copies of them when ready, to make sure nothing is missing. Please do not post them before I approve them.

-All your documents will remain in Greece forever, therefore if you wish to keep your originals, you must apply for new certified copies to provide us.

- Last but not least, your documents cannot be older than 3 months from your wedding date.