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Greek Islands, Athens & the rest of Greece

Are you visiting the Greek islands, Athens or the rest of Greece? Below you will find places I have discovered while traveling and worth visiting! None of the below is paid advertisement! These are places I truly love and I want to share with you! The page is updated every time I find something new!

Paros island 

Paros island is only 1 hour and 30 minutes from Santorini so you can even go in the morning and come late night. It is a beautiful island with gold beaches and emerald waters! As you can imagine, since it is so close from Santorini, I am visiting this island frequently. Below you will find places I love and you must visit! Let's start!

Cabana Beach Bar in Parikia of Paros Island.

When I was on the deck of the ship waiting to reach the port of Paros island, I saw in a distance a beautiful place that I wasn't sure if it was a hotel or a beach bar but I was sure I wanted to find out! So, I took my car driving with one mission, to find the place with the gold beach and the emerald waters! When I have arrived to this amazing beach bar, I couldn't believe my eyes! Such a beauty! But then I said to myself that being beautiful would not be enough if it was overpriced or the people and the services were not good. I work very hard so when I have limited time to rest, I have certain demands and I don't want to spend it to touristic places that rip you off! 

And then....I have no words to describe my experience in Cabana beach bar! The delicious food, the drinks, the low prices, the music, the wonderful people working there and the warm waters made me sing while I was lying in the beach "Heaven, I'm in heaven"! I could write a book about Cabana but instead I strongly suggest you to visit Cabana beach bar and create your one unforgettable loving memories! This is a hidden gem! Photos do not do justice to the breathtaking place! You can contact Cabana beach bar via their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/cabanaparos/ 

Angie's Studios in Parikia of Paros Island.

Angie will be your new friend for sure! It feels like home and it is a very convenient location and wonderful hospitality. It is not luck that her studios are rated 9.5 in Booking.com as excellent!  Angie’s Studios is located 500 feet away from the sandy beach and 1,650 feet from the port of Parikia. Surrounded by bougainvilleas, it offers air-conditioned studios with stone-paved floors opening out to a private balcony. Following the local style, studios at Angie are decorated in blue and white tones. They all have an private bathroom and they are equipped with a TV, mini fridge, coffee maker and electric kettle.

Within 350 feet from the property, you can find local taverns, cafes and a super market. The nearest bus stop is at 1,000 feet and Paros Airport is 4.3 mi away. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout. You can contact Angie directly at https://www.facebook.com/angies.studios/