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Book your Santorini Wedding services from a trusted network of vendors that I personally choose and evaluate at the end of each wedding season.

I work with the best Santorini Wedding Photographers, Videographers, Santorini Wedding Hairdresser and Makeup artists, Musicians, Dj’s and much more. Of course with the best bakery on the island for delicious Wedding Cakes. All the wedding services you will book via me bare my personal touch of perfection.

When you are having a destination Santorini wedding, it is important that you will be having a local-based Santorini wedding planner. That planner will organize all the wedding services you will need for your wedding. And will be in charge of everything you will book, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Some brides believe that booking services directly is saving them money. But this is a great risk I advise you to avoid. In many cases, the services were poor or non-show. Then the wedding planner is trying to save the day. And the bride ends up paying more as last-minute bookings are more expensive with the vendors.

A vendor might not pay the proper attention to you as you are a one-time customer. But I assure you that they are afraid of losing the volume of work of a wedding planner!

Choose the wedding planner that your heart trusts, and live your dream wedding on the island!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with your questions, my pleasure to answer them all! Let’s not forget, that I was once a bride, and now am a wedding planner.

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