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Santorini Civil Wedding Packages

Are you booking your wedding with a travel agent outside Santorini? Be careful! This year, we had many frustrated clients at the last minute because they were booking their wedding in a package holiday along with their flights and accommodation but they couldn’t secure the time of the wedding! They were told that they could do that only when they would arrive in Santorini and they always getting times with extreme heat as those were the only ones available!

Also, the clients have been told that they had to be in Santorini 8 days before the wedding and this is not correct! The law has changed many years ago and now it states that if you are an EU citizen, there are no residency requirements but they don’t tell that to the clients because they will lose the accommodation commission!

So, maybe the cheap comes expensive in the end? I recommend booking flights and even your accommodations with them and choose a local wedding planner that can guarantee your date and time and that you can ask hundreds of questions about the most special day of your life and will get a correct answer!

And last but not least, see what happened with the airlines that closed all a sudden? They just closed their business and left all their clients totally lost! I am here, not closing business and the contact you have with me is personal and not via any reps that will disappear as soon as the company closes.
Your wedding in Santorini can be perfect! Trust the professionals!

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