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Santorini Wedding Packages

You are considering getting married in Santorini, but you don’t know where to start and you need to check Santorini Wedding Packages?

I am sure that within my Wedding Packages, you will find the one that will offer you what you need. And if not, no problem because all the wedding packages are flexible. You can also create a custom package.

Here you will find wedding packages for having a legal wedding in Santorini. But also, Symbolic wedding packages if you wish to avoid the bureaucracy. And of course to renew your vows.

Below you will find all the wedding packages. But, to make things easier, I have separated the Civil Legal Wedding Packages and the Symbolic Wedding Packages. Please click on the ones you are interested in above, to open on another page or view them all below.

The wedding packages are designed to cover the wedding ceremony as not all couples need to have a wedding reception as well. You see, sometimes they elope and they are having a big party back home!

Please kindly note that the packages are designed for 2 people, the couple. The price might increase for having more people than that or it may remain the same.

Each wedding, each couple is totally unique! Together we can design your dream wedding. Let’s not forget that once, I was a bride and now am a wedding planner that completely understands your needs.

Please contact me to discuss more. By providing me with more information, I can tell you the exact cost of your own package.